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Business Development



Many kinds have the potential to be a skillful basketball player. PT DBL Indonesia sees this oppotunity to train young talent in DBL Academy. This baskeball academy different from others in Indonesia. DBL Academy has its own international basketball court in Graha Pena building and other great facilities. To keep its quality and standards, DBL academy invites international trainers such as Mick Downer, the assistant coach of Australia national basketball team.



Every year since 2008, PT DBL Indonesia always sens its best players (DBL Indonesia All-Star) to other countries such us Australia and the United States of America. People who to feel like a DBL ALL-Star can do the same thing by joining DBL Academy tour and training. The DBL Academy tour and training will get special treatment like DBL All-Star by following tour and basketball training with experienced coaches overseas.

INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT : St.Louis 1 Selection Indonesia organized by DBL Academy join in as participant of Cyberjaya international youth basketball tournament held by NBL Malaysia at Cyberjaya, Malaysia

FUTURE CHAMPIONS : DBL Academy becomes the best basketball school in Indonesia with professional trainers and international curriculum.



PT DBL Indonesia continues to grow. DBL store opened a flagship store in Surabaya. It becomes the biggest basketball store in Indonesia in terms of its size and products sold. DBL Store has a 365 square meters space inside DBL Arena which is the best basketball arena in Indonesia. Located close to downtown and airport, it’s easy to find DBL Store. Now DBL Store has become official store of many famous brands such as Under Armor, Nike, Adidas, and Li-Ning.

BIGGEST BASKETBALL STORE : DBL Store launched on 2014 and become the most favorite basketball store in Surabaya

MULTI-BRAND : Not only selling DBL merchandises, DBL Store also provides international brand such as Under Armor, Nike, Adidas, and Li-Ning.


The sucsess of PT DBL Indonesia emerges in many basketball loving communities. Then, PT DBL Indonesia helped those communities to get basketball information easily by creating MAINBASKET Magazine. Collaborating with Rosyidan who is a well-known basketball blogger in Indonesia. PT DBL Indonesia now has published more than 40 editions of MAINBASKET Magazine in the last 3 years. Optimizing fans interaction through official website also its social media accounts will maximize basketball community in Indonesia.